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   Like many, as a child, I loved rocks and always enjoyed natural beauty. At 20 years of age, while attending art school in Upstate New York, I purchased my first piece of gemstone jewelry. It was a beautiful Dendrite Opal with a simple silver wrap and it made my heart swell. I was hooked! 

    My love for natural patterns, colors, and textures never diminished. But I had the responsibilities of raising a family. And although I enjoyed working with my husband David in an alternative heating business, it limited my time to work with the natural beauty I loved.
    I continued to enjoy designing jewelry for myself on a small scale, but with expansion of the internet I began to discover more and more amazing stones from all over the world... until I had too many!  I had to start sharing, and discovered there were many others who loved rocks too!  With the economic downturn in the mid 2000’s, I now had more time and motivation to share my passion with others, and “For the Love of Rocks” was born.
    I really enjoy helping people find a rock that they love, & then customizing it so they can enjoy wearing it... at an affordable price.  It makes us happier to connect with these beautiful little “worlds” that we often see in these stones, that somehow washes away some of the stress of the man-made world we live in.
    I can maybe take some credit for recognizing beauty when I see it, and having a measure of mechanical ability from my father, that enables me to make it wearable.  But our wonderful Creator, Jehovah, is the true artist of these magnificent pieces and deserves the real credit.

Linda O'Neil For the Love of Rocks
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